Hult: I Won’t Accept State Pension

Hult: I Won’t Accept State Pension
Career-politician Hoffman in line for max-payout of taxpayer-funded pension if elected

Belleville, IL – Melinda Hult, Republican candidate for State Representative vowed today not to accept public pension benefits offered to state legislators if elected to the Illinois House. Meanwhile, Hult’s opponent, career politician and former Rep. Jay Hoffman, needs less than two more years of legislative service to qualify for a lucrative taxpayer-funded pension valued at $4,500 per-month.

Hoffman, whose salary increased 106% during the two decades he served in the Illinois House from 1991-2011, would qualify for the maximum state pension payout afforded to legislators if elected to another term.
“Serving in public office is a privilege, not a pathway to self-enrichment” said Hult.  “The choice in this race could not be more clear; a career politician feeding at the trough at taxpayer expense, or a fresh face who will lead by example from day one and work to restore integrity and trust to public service.”

Hult is running on a platform of repealing the 67% income tax hike pushed through by Democrats in 2011; eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations that strangle private-sector job growth; reducing statespending and forcing the state to live within its means; and restoring confidence and trust in state government.

In addition to refusing state pension benefits, Melinda Hult has pledged to take a 10% pay cut on her first day in office; in addition to sponsoring legislation to grant statewide office holders, county wide officials and county boards throughout Illinois the same authority to reduce their own salaries.  Under current state law, elected officials do not have the ability to make changes to their salary during their term in office.  Hult’s legislation would allow elected officials to opt-in during their next term in office and give back 10% of their salary. The legislation would also create a statewide reporting system database so that voters and the media may hold their elected officials accountable by monitoring to see which elected officials have vowed to take a pay cut.


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