What People Are Saying

As I have walked this district and talked to the citizens of the 113th, I have heard many concerns about our state. This is what I am hearing from voters:

“My husband and I are putting up the house for sale to move back to Missouri. We can not afford to live in Illinois any longer. We have had enough of the punishment of the tax increase. What a shame that legislators are indifferent to our forced decision.”

“Illinois needs to look at best practices from other states to help get our house in order.”

“(We) need more accountability for spending. Review and reduce unnecessary subsidies.”

“Illinois’ State Government is a cesspool – more fingers in the pie than (can) be counted. Your program is a breath of fresh air. Good luck!”

“Illinois’ financial and political affairs are a disgrace.”

“Something needs to be done with the pension fund. Why are retirees allowed to draw the pension when they usually get another job and are able to work for many years?”

“There are millions of dollars that can be cut from the budget in unnecessary expenses. Cut before taxing.”

These citizens are bringing up serious issues that need to be resolved. If elected, I will address these issues and work on solutions that are good for today and for the future of our state!

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