Thank You!

I want to thank each of you that helped this campaign effort by giving of your time, praying, and donating to the campaign! This was quite a journey, and while we did not get the results we hoped for, I am very grateful for your help in the process!

I worked hard in this effort, because I know the state of Illinois is facing serious issues. We need real answers and leaders who are dedicated to solving them. I will continue to pray that God will guide and direct our leaders, and I encourage you to do the same.

I know that our state is better off when ‘we the people’ are involved and engaged in the process. If we do not fight for justice and an honest accounting of our government, who will? Please stay in the fight – be aware of issues, call your representatives, express your concerns to your local paper and politicians.

Thank you again for your help & don’t give up the fight!

Melinda Hult

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