About Melinda

Melinda Hult was born in Belleville, Illinois and currently serves on the Belleville City Council.

Melinda Hult was elected to the Belleville City Council in the Spring of 2011. As alderman Hult refused to participate in the pension system, voted against raising the sales tax, successfully repealed the wheel tax and supported a rebate to the citizens for half the fee, and blocked the daytime curfew ordinance.

Melinda volunteers her time by participating in several civic organizations. Melinda serves on the board of the Belleville Historical Society, member and immediate Past President of the Hexenbukel Neighborhood Association, member of the Franklin Neighborhood Association, member of Lifeline Ladies Bible Study, and serves on the board of OurTaxMoney.org, a grassroots organization committed to addressing the increasing burden of excessive property taxes on families and employers.

Hult currently serves on the following committees while serving on the Belleville City Council; Master Sewer Committee, Ordinance & Legal Committee, Streets & Grades Committee, Belleville Historic Preservation Commission, and attends various committee meetings. As alderman, Hult actively works with city department managers to understand their needs in order to identify solutions to cut wasteful spending.

Ralph Hult is a retired Officer from the United States Air Force. Melinda and her husband Ralph have one daughter and currently reside in Belleville.

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