For the last 20 years, working families have weathered the Jay Hoffman storm of higher taxes and corruption. He has voted and supported over 26 tax hikes, has seen his own salary increase by 106%, even voting himself a pay raise this year when teachers were losing their jobs. And now the Illinois Executive Inspector General has cited Hoffman as a link to four improper state jobs at the Illinois Department of Transportation. How much more can we take? Now is the time to halt Jay Hoffman and vote for Melinda Hult.

Vote Early. Vote Melinda.

Early voting starts today in Illinois! And we are kicking off our VoteEarlyVoteMelinda effort. Please encourage all your friends to vote early. When you do vote early, upload a voting-related photo (walking into vote, your “I Voted” sticker, etc…) to FACEBOOK and tag us.

For the next two weeks, you can walk into your County Clerk or local office and cast your ballot for the November 4 election…before the November 4 election! You can even vote on the weekend. Vote on your time and at your convenience. To find out more, including where you can vote, follow this link. http://www.elections.state.il.us/votinginformation/earlyvotinglocations.aspx

HULT APPEALS TO ST. ELIZABETH’S TO RECONSIDER RELOCATING & Blasts Hoffman for being a “No Show” at the Hearing

Alderwoman Melinda Hult attended the first public hearing of the Health Facilities and Services Review Board at Lindenwood University Thursday to speak in opposition to St. Elizabeth’s plans to close their Belleville Hospital.

“I was born at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and value the excellent healthcare they provide our city and surrounding communities,” said Hult, who carried the pink beaded baby bracelet, which spelled out her maiden name (Goff) that St. Elizabeth’s nurses placed on her the day she was born at the hospital over 50 years ago.

“I firmly believe that the entire Belleville community will suffer from the loss of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. As the largest population center in the metro-east it is imperative that the vital healthcare services remain here,” Hult shared.

Hult was slotted to speak, but with a packed room and time constrictions, only 40 of the more than 600 people were given the opportunity to speak.

Hult stated that she would be at every hearing moving forward and has sent a letter to the administrators of St. Elizabeth’s requesting they reconsider the move.

Hult, who is also a candidate for state representative in the 113th District, which St. Elizabeth’s is part of, also criticized her opponent Jay Hoffman for not attending the hearing or showing any support for opposing the move.

“Jay’s absence here today is indicative of his lack of concern for loss of jobs and healthcare services to the people of this district,” Hult stated. “This is one of the most important issues facing residents and he is a no show.”

“Hoffman touts that he was named the Illinois Hospital Association’s Legislator of the Year, but he can’t even find time in his schedule to attend the most critical issue facing hospitals and healthcare in his own district,” said Hult. “For the last 20 years, Jay has lost touch with working families of this district and would rather take care of the special interest groups who have helped fund his political career.”

State Board of Elections reports in September 2014 show Hoffman accepted $1000 donation from the Illinois Hospital Association.

Are you ready to Clean Out the State House? THIS DEMOCRAT MOM IS! JOIN HER.


This Brave Democrat Mom says it all – it is time to CLEAN HOUSE! Republicans and Democrats alike are tired of the mess that has been created by Jay Hoffman over the past 20 years.  The State of Illinois is behind in paying our schools even after Hoffman and Pat Quinn raising our taxes.  Now when Jay Hoffman thought nobody was watching, he voted himself a pay raise on the last day of the Spring Session - Really Jay?

Join Melinda Hult in her mission to turn our state around.  As Alderwoman for Belleville, she donated any pay raise received back to the City of Belleville’s Police Department. In addition, she has declined to participate in the City’s Pension System, saving taxpayers money now and in the future, unlike her Jay Hoffman, who wants to prolong his time in Springfield to increase his pension. Jay Hoffman has seen his salary rise over 106% since he took office at the same time voting for over 25 tax increases.  Working families cannot afford Jay Hoffman anymore.

Join Melinda and help clean up Illinois’ House.