Repeal the 67% Quinn-Hoffman Tax Increase - In the late hours of January 11, 2011 many of us taxpayers were at home asleep, leaving us unaware that when we woke up – Jay Hoffman had cast the deciding vote to approve Governor Quinn’s historic income tax increase.  The Hoffman-Quinn legislation increased our income tax by 67 percent.  The result – a $7 billion tax increase on Illinois families and employers. Melinda Hult has pledged to vote to repeal the Hoffman-Quinn tax hike.

Jumpstart our Economy with Jobs - We need to create a positive environment for businesses and employers, and stop chasing them out of the State with unnecessary taxes, lawsuits and regulations. We need to give employers more of an incentive to do business in Illinois. Politicians don’t create jobs, business owners do! It’s time to put a stop to burdensome restrictions our employers face and the overwhelming tax increases.  I am the only candidate endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) because I understand the issues facing small and large businesses.

Curb Wasteful Spending - We need to be working toward a balanced budget, reduce state spending and not be looking at another tax increase. As your state representative I will work hard to bring real tax relief to hard working people across Illinois.  We cannot afford to keep traveling down a path of tax increases to fix another hole in the budget; cuts in government must be made. We are unable to continue spending money that we do not have. I will work to bring common sense back to state government and find creative ways to save us from the financial burden our state is now facing.

Pro Life - I believe that life begins at conception, and that life is precious. Families are the core of our society. I will support legislation that protects these beliefs and strengthens families. I also support individuals and organizations that oppose to having their tax dollars fund programs that participate in the destruction of life and our families. In Springfield I will be a voice for the unborn, but also a compassionate advocate for alternative options for those faced with these difficult decisions.

Gun Rights - I am a proud member of the NRA. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is clear about our Right to Bear Arms. Recent Supreme Court rulings have held that laws that infringe on our 2nd Amendment right are unconstitutional. These rulings and demands from the people, have led all other states to come to the realization, that this is a right that needs to be protected, and not infringed upon. As your future State Representative, I pledge to support measures that protect all fundamental rights of American Citizens.

Proven Leader in Belleville - Melinda Hult has a record for opposing tax and fee increases.  While on the Belleville City Council, Melinda voted against increasing the sales tax, successfully repealed the wheel tax, and supported a rebate to the taxpayers without a reduction in services.  Melinda Hult even refused the taxpayer funded pension offered to members of the Belleville City Council.