Repeal the 67% Quinn-Hoffman Tax Increase - In the late hours of January 11, 2011 many of us taxpayers were at home asleep, leaving us unaware that when we woke up – Jay Hoffman had cast the deciding vote to approve Governor Quinn’s historic income tax increase.  The Hoffman-Quinn legislation increased our income tax by 67 percent.  The result – a $7 billion tax increase on Illinois families and employers. Melinda Hult has pledged to vote to repeal the Hoffman-Quinn tax hike.

Jumpstart our Economy with Jobs - We need to create a positive environment for businesses and employers, and stop chasing them out of the State with unnecessary taxes, lawsuits and regulations. We need to give employers more of an incentive to do business in Illinois. Politicians don’t create jobs, business owners do! It’s time to put a stop to burdensome restrictions our employers face and the overwhelming tax increases.

We need to create a business friendly environment again in Illinois.  We are in a jobs crisis because the politicians, like my opponent in charge of Springfield are holding us back.

Our state’s tax and regulatory environment is so anticompetitive that our state government hands out millions of dollars per year just to keep employers in Illinois. We should be out recruiting new businesses and jobs to Illinois instead of spending our time and resources struggling to hang onto the jobs we have.

We need to lower the cost of doing business in Illinois and make job creation our top priority. To do that, we can:

  • Get rid of the Quinn-Hoffman tax hikes and replace them with a comprehensive overhaul of the tax code that is fair to all taxpayers.
  • Enact tort reform and limit lawsuit abuse.
  • Reform the workers’ compensation system to make Illinois competitive with neighboring states.

Curb Wasteful Spending - We need to be working toward a balanced budget, reduce state spending and not be looking at another tax increase. As your state representative I will work hard to bring real tax relief to hard working people across Illinois.  We cannot afford to keep traveling down a path of tax increases to fix another hole in the budget; cuts in government must be made. We are unable to continue spending money that we do not have. I will work to bring common sense back to state government and find creative ways to save us from the financial burden our state is now facing.

Reform State Government - Illinois has one of the most expensive state governments in America, yet we have the worst run government full of wasteful spending and career politicians who have lost touch with working families.

Illinois has been completely taken over by special interest groups that get money from government. The lobbyists write the bills for special interests, the career politicians, like my opponent let it happen – and we, the taxpayers, get left with the bill. It’s time to make government work for us, not the other way around.

My opponent is fully funded by special interests, having raised over $200,000 from lobby groups.

I’m not interested in becoming a career politician. I am running so our future generations, like my own daughter will want to live and work in Illinois. As state representative, I will take on the special interests directly and bring accountability back to state government and to the tax payer.

The first thing I will work for is to control spending because bigger government means more corruption.

Pension Reform - As alderwoman, I have refused to take part in the Illinois Pension system to avoid being a future burden on Illinois taxpayers.  My opponent has a very personal reason for not wanting to reform the pension system – he will lose. But he is not considering the taxpayers who cannot afford to fund these pensions.

Illinois has the worst pension crisis in America. It’s part of the reason why we have the worst credit rating in America — 12 credit downgrades under Hoffman and Quinn alone.

We cannot secure Illinois’ economic future without fundamental reforms to our pension system. We must keep our promise to current retirees, but we put all government workers at risk by continuing to promise a pension no one can afford.

We have reached a crossroads on the issue. We must boldly reform our pension system. To do that, we can:

  • Ensure pay and benefits do not rise faster than the rate of inflation.
  • Eliminate the ability of government employees to receive massive pay raises before they retire just to increase their pension.
  • Cap the current system and move towards a defined contribution system.

Education - Education is the key to Illinois’ future. It is the most important thing we do as a community.  The state has been failing schools far too long under the Hoffman-Quinn years.  Both passed the largest income tax increase in our state’s history, but still are millions of dollars behind in paying school districts their fair share of our tax dollars for their students.

Jay Hoffman even voted himself a pay raise in May of 2014, at the same time teachers were being laid off because the state is behind in paying school districts.

A critical answer to education funding is to ensure the state meets its obligation of per pupil spending. We do that by cutting wasteful spending in other areas of the state.  This will also help ease the burden of property taxes which continue to rise because the state is paying its fair share.

In addition, education spending must be re-prioritized so our tax dollars go to the front lines of the education battlefield, and that’s the classroom.  Today we spend far too much money on administration and bureaucracy, and not enough on teachers and classroom technology that directly benefits students.

Proven Leader in Belleville - Melinda Hult has a record for opposing tax and fee increases.  While on the Belleville City Council, Melinda voted against increasing the sales tax, successfully repealed the wheel tax, and supported a rebate to the taxpayers without a reduction in services.  Melinda Hult even refused the taxpayer funded pension offered to members of the Belleville City Council.