Are you ready to Clean Out the State House? THIS DEMOCRAT MOM IS! JOIN HER.


This Brave Democrat Mom says it all – it is time to CLEAN HOUSE! Republicans and Democrats alike are tired of the mess that has been created by Jay Hoffman over the past 20 years.  The State of Illinois is behind in paying our schools even after Hoffman and Pat Quinn raising our taxes.  Now when Jay Hoffman thought nobody was watching, he voted himself a pay raise on the last day of the Spring Session - Really Jay?

Join Melinda Hult in her mission to turn our state around.  As Alderwoman for Belleville, she donated any pay raise received back to the City of Belleville’s Police Department. In addition, she has declined to participate in the City’s Pension System, saving taxpayers money now and in the future, unlike her Jay Hoffman, who wants to prolong his time in Springfield to increase his pension. Jay Hoffman has seen his salary rise over 106% since he took office at the same time voting for over 25 tax increases.  Working families cannot afford Jay Hoffman anymore.

Join Melinda and help clean up Illinois’ House.