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Hult Pledges to Take 10% Pay Cut

Melinda Hult, Republican candidate for State Representative announced today that if elected, she would take a 10% pay cut in addition to sponsoring legislation to allow elected officials to “opt-in” and give back 10% of their own pay. Hult’s individual pay cut would save taxpayers $6,783.60 annually. The base pay for the Illinois legislature is $67,836.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, Illinois state representatives and senators receive the fifth highest paid salary in the country. Only California, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan pay their legislators more than Illinois. The salary of Hult’s opponent, career politician Jay Hoffman, increased 106% during the two decades he served in the Illinois House from 1991-2011. Hoffman’s salary was $37,230 in 1991 compared to $67,836 when he left office in 2011.

“With Illinois’ debt estimated at over $120 billion, elected officials must get serious about cutting back in tough times,” said Hult. “A positive first step would be to cut legislators’ salaries 10% followed by a line-by-line audit of each state agency to identify wasteful spending. Springfield politicians should be discussing a pay cut and state audit instead of defending job-killing tax increases.” Continue reading

Melinda Hult: Illinois Must Opt Out of Obamacare

City of Belleville Alderman and candidate for State Representative Melinda Hult announced Friday that if elected State Representative she would vote to opt Illinois out of Obamacare, resulting in saving jobs and lowering taxes.

On Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), however the court ruled that states could opt out of Obamacare and could not be penalized by Congress for not participating in the new Medicaid expansion.

Obamacare has long been a debate in the Illinois legislature. On March 17, 2010 the Illinois General Assembly approved House Resolution 569 in support of Obamacare, the resolution passed with 62 voting yes, 51 voting no, and one voting present. Melinda Hult’s opponent former State Rep. Jay Hoffman (who lost re-election in 2010) voted in favor of Obamacare. Continue reading

Melinda Hult Launches Effort to Connect Unemployed Veterans to Local Jobs

Belleville City Council Member Melinda Hult on Monday launched “Hult’s Heroes”, a new web community that aims to assist local veterans find employment and raise the profile of local businesses who are hiring veterans through a public support petition.  This new effort helps set a new standard of utilizing private organizations and resources to help support and sustain local business and veteran efforts – and helps demonstrate how individuals can make an impact. The site features petitions which the public can sign that pledge their loyalty to local businesses who hire veterans as well as a call for local veterans who are seeking gainful employment. empowers Illinois residents to help local veterans who are seeking employment.  The site specifically includes:

  • Veteran employment facts & figures
  • A petition for residents to sign urging business owners to hire veterans
  • A call to action for local veterans who are looking for work
  • An opportunity for local business owners to share their story of hiring a veteran Continue reading

Melinda Hult Donates Pay Raise to Belleville Police and Fire Department

The four Independents who were elected to the Belleville City Council last year have followed through with another one of their campaign promises: fiscal responsibility. Aldermen Dean Hardt, Joseph Hayden, Melinda Hult and Lillian Schneider awarded a check representing their combined annual raise in a ceremony at City Hall. Approximately $1,000 was presented today to Belleville Police Chief William Clay to be used by his department.

The aldermen, sometimes collectively referred to as the 4-H Club for the first letter of most of their surnames, have made a big difference in Belleville politics. “This shows what a few good people can accomplish when they work together” says Hayden. He continued, “we are proud to return this money to be used for public safety, our primary goal.”

Also present was Fire Chief Scott Lanxon. Chief Lanxon accepted a donation for the upkeep of Chewy, an arson dog. “These dogs work hard and are important to the city of Belleville,” says Schneider, “that’s why I wanted my share to go to them.”

“I am happy to join my colleagues in returning my pay raise as Alderman on the Belleville city council. We are public servants who want to work for the taxpayer, with record unemployment in our region – now is not the time for pay raises for elected officials,” said Melinda Hult.